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An approach to academics that sets RFU apart.

All universities are focused on academics, but not all approaches to teaching and learning are created equal. Here's an overview of what sets apart our approach, across all five our of colleges and schools:

An Interprofessional approach.
Strong, interdisciplinary teams are the foundation for improved patient outcomes, so we’ve structured our academic approach around Interprofessionalism. During their first quarter at RFU, all clinical program students in all five colleges come together in our Interprofessional Teams and Culture in Health Care course, laying the Interprofessional groundwork. Later, students work as teams to put what they’ve learned into practice via multiple service learning, global health, and simulation lab experiences.

A singular focus on graduate-level health sciences.
All of our faculty, students, facilities, and resources are focused on the same overarching goal: healthier people. Because RFU has one focus—healthcare—we’re more responsive to the rapid changes in that field, making our classes and ultimately our students more adaptable. 

A strong, supportive academic community.
RFU’s smaller size and singular focus allow for a tight-knit community of students and professors who know and support one another. Our students say their professors are mentors and cheerleaders as well as impressive scientists and skilled teachers. In other words, our professors are known for seeing their students as individuals and being committed to their success in personalized ways.

Learning that is hands on and active.
Academics at RFU is anything but passive. We go to great lengths to ensure students are learning about their fields in many of the same ways they’ll eventually be working in their fields: with their minds and hands. On campus, our virtual health system, made up of a network of six core simulation labs, provides 10,000+ student simulation experiences each year, while our Gross Anatomy Lab provides complete dissection experiences. Our location between two major metropolitan areas also offers multiple hospitals, community clinics, and other sites for a range of student clinical experience.