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Leading, Communicating, and Trust


Testing Communication Strategies

Team Tangrams

Teaching Team Execution

Pieces of Puzzles

Teaching Team Collaboration

Information Exchange

The Reality of Perception: Using your team strengths in this specialized learning activity

Double Double

Collaborating Across a System: Nobody succeeds until everyone succeeds

Who Wants to be a Healthcare Provider?

Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities in Team-based Care: Highlighting scopes of practice across various healthcare professions

MetalogĀ® SysTEAM Table

Sustaining Team Balance: Team member interactions tip the balance between success and failure

Race Track

Teaching Team Membership Skills: Using a ping pong ball in a specialized learning activity

Patient Pathways

A-mazing Teams: Exploring the need for team member engagement

Team Towers

Teaching Team Leadership: Using building blocks in specialized learning activities

Understanding Collaboration Using Thomas-Kilmann

Teaching About Collaboration: Categorizing situations and choosing strategies in a specialized learning activity

Tell It Like It Is

Getting the Word Around: A simple communication activity for small to large scale audiences