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Walid F. Khayr, MD

Walid F. Khayr, MD
Professor & Infectious Disease Fellowship Director

Dr. Walid Khayr received his degree from American University of Beirut, Lebanon, in 1985. He completed his residency in internal medicine there. In 1988, he moved to Chicago where he completed an infectious disease fellowship at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Dr. Khayr joined the Chicago Medical School faculty in 1993. He has been program director of the Infectious Disease Fellowship and medical director of the physician assistant department since 1996. He has been a professor of medicine since 2005. In 2002, he won the CMS Department of Medicine James B. Hammond Humanitarian Award.

Dr. Khayr is currently the Infectious Disease Section Chief at the Lovell Federal Health Care Center (FHCC) in North Chicago. He is also the Assistant Chief Medical Executive (ACME) for Clinical Affairs and the interim ACME for Research at FHCC. Previously, he served as the ACME for Academic Affairs at FHCC.

Dr. Khayr is interested in healthcare-associated infections and antibiotic resistance. He has authored and co-authored multiple peer-reviewed publications in clinical epidemiology of resistant and emerging pathogens in acute and long-term healthcare settings. He also participated in several pharmaceutical industry-funded projects.


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