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Marc Sloan, MD

Marc Sloan, MD
Assistant Professor

Dr. Marc Sloan is an anesthesiologist at the Captain James Lovell Federal Health Care Center (FHCC). He completed his undergraduate education at the University of Illinois followed by medical school at Northwestern University. Dr. Sloan completed a residency in anesthesia at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Sloan’s first professional position was at Rush University, where he became interested in interventional pain medicine. He subsequently developed one of the early free standing pain medicine practices in Chicago. Dr. Sloan has continued to practice a combination of anesthesia and pain medicine over the past 31 years. 

Dr. Sloan is active in the Academy of Pain Medicine, serving on the Education Committee, and has been representing the Academy at the annual student AMA meeting over the past 4 years. Dr. Sloan has also been a member of the Examination Council for the American Board of Pain Medicine.

He seeks balance between his family life, professional life and hobbies.