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John Agboola, MD

Clinical Coordinator

Dr. John Agboola joined the PA program faculty at Rosalind Franklin University in January 2022 as a Clinical Coordinator. He serves as a coordinator with the clinical team and participates in didactic activities both in the classroom and clinical laboratories.

He earned his MBBS at the college of Health Sciences, University of Ilorin and trained as a general surgeon in Kwara, Nigeria where he began his teaching career as Chief Resident, and then as a clinical Instructor at Ekiti State University. While there, he produced a public health radio program in Nigeria for 5 years called “Your Health is Your Responsibility.” He was a visiting fellow in surgical oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York in 2018. Later, he moved to Illinois and took a job as a graduate teaching assistant with the University Advising Center at Western Illinois University.

While working there he earned his Masters of Science Degree in Public Health and became a Certified Health Coach. He then taught in the Department of Health Sciences and Social Work at WIU until taking a position here at Rosalind Franklin University.

His career and teaching philosophy center on caring for the whole person: ensuring the health of the population through preventive medicine; and offering appropriate treatment to the sick. His research publications have focused on public health issues and oncology in the Black African Population, as well as in treatment of the acute abdomen.


  • Clinical Coordinator, Rosalind Franklin University of medicine and Science; 2022
  • Adjunct Instructor, Western Illinois university, Department of Health Sciences and Social Works; 2021
  • Academic Tutor, Western Illinois university, University Academic and Advising Services; 2019-2021
  • Clinical Instructor/ Lecturer 1, Ekiti State University, College of medicine; 2012-2016.


  • MSHS-Public Health, Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL. May 2021
  • MBBS, University of Ilorin, Kwara, Nigeria. October 2001


  • Member, America Public Health Association, 2020 to Present.
  • Member, Illinois Public Health Association, 2019 to Present.
  • International Fellow, American College of Surgeons, 2019 to Present
  • Member, World Society of Emergency Surgeons, 2017 to Present
  • Fellow, West African College of Surgeons, 2011 to Present


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  • Agboola JO, Wen M. Exploration of the Factors Influencing Mammography Screening Participation. Presented at the Western Illinois University Graduate Research Conference, Macomb, United States. March 2019.
  • Agboola JO. Prostate Cancer – General Overview. A Seminar delivered at the weekly meetings of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship, Nigeria, Ilorin GRA Chapter at Kingstone Grand Suites, Ilorin, Nigeria. On 12th and 19th March, 2018.
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  • Agboola JO. Self-Inflicted gunshot injury. Presented at the 54th Annual Conference of the West African College of Surgeons, Kumasi, Ghana. Feb 20-26, 2014.
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