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HelixTalk Episode #99 - May I Take Your Order? The Menu of Professional Pharmacy Organizations

Date posted: July 30, 2019, 6:00 am

In this episode, we enlist the help of Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Janeen Winnike, to discuss the various professional pharmacy organizations and the importance of networking via joining at least one as a student or pharmacist.


Key Concepts

  1. There are many professional pharmacy organizations focusing on various interests catering to student pharmacists, training pharmacists, seasoned pharmacists, and academicians, preceptors, and pharmacy technicians.
  2. Pharmacy organizations offer many opportunities to student pharmacists including several student competitions such as the National Patient Counseling Competition (APhA), the Clinical Skills Competition (ASHP), Pharmacy and Therapeutics Competition (AMCP), and the Clinical Pharmacy Challenge (ACCP).
  3. Students seeking residency, fellowships, and clinical positions are likely to be involved with ASHP (via the Midyear clinical meeting for the residency showcase), AMCP (for managed care and specialty pharmacy opportunities), and ACCP (for board certifications, such as BCPS).
  4. Important benefits of joining organizations in professional career include networking, leadership, scholarship & research opportunities, staying current with literature, and having a unified voice in advocating for pharmacy.