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HelixTalk Episode #97 - ASPREE, ARRIVE, ASCEND: Making an Acronym Soup for Aspirin

Date posted: June 18, 2019, 6:00 am

In this episode, we discuss the latest and the greatest updates regarding aspirin use in primary prevention and provide you with a summary of results from recently published primary literature.


Key Concepts

  1. Previous evidence for aspirin use in primary prevention has been unclear but new RCTs in 2018 shed more light on the subject. Based on this new evidence, the cardiovascular benefit does not outweigh the bleeding risk in most patients. 
  2. Guidelines recommend AGAINST the routine use of low-dose aspirin in primary prevention for individuals 70+ years old or those with an increased risk of bleeding.
  3. The use of aspirin for primary prevention should be reserved for those 40-70 years old with high ASCVD risk (>20% 10-year ASCVD risk) including those with diabetes (>10% 10-year ASCVD risk). 
  4. Individualized approach should be taken in deciding whether to use aspirin for primary prevention or reconsidering continued use in patients who have been on aspirin for primary prevention. This should take into account patient’s ASCVD risk as well as bleeding risk.


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