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HelixTalk Episode #81 - Top 8 Ways to Excel in your APPE Rotations

Date posted: July 17, 2018, 6:00 am

In this episode, we discuss some ways APPE students not only survive, but excel in the APPE rotations.


Key Concepts

  1. Professionalism is key to a successful rotation -- this encompasses everything from your first email to your preceptor through how you act on your last day.
  2. Punctuality is expected!  Always try to be 10-15 minutes early to your rotation and plan in advance if you expect bad weather or traffic.
  3. Use your resources!  Review relevant lecture notes in advance of the rotation and build a "peripheral brain" or pocket guide as you progress through APPE rotations as a quick reference tool.
  4. Be proactive.  Try to anticipate questions you are likely to receive and look up the answers in advance.  If you're interested in residency, be sure to discuss this with your preceptor at the very beginning of the rotation.
  5. Most rotations require a presentation, and frequently this presentation contributes significantly to your final grade.  A few key elements of great presentations include: NOT reading directly from your slides, citing your references in the footer of slides (not at the end of the PowerPoint), leave time for questions and answers, and clarify all aspects of the presentation well in advance with your preceptor.
  6. Be engaged in the rotation.  Ask questions, perform self-directed learning, and get to know your preceptor.
  7. Take great notes.  When you learn something new, write it down in a journal.  Review your journal on a weekly basis to help reinforce the concepts you're learning and to devote them to your long-term memory.
  8. Civility is key.  Be respectful of all patients, family, volunteers, and staff at all times.  Pharmacy is a small world, and in many cases, your APPE rotation can be an extended interview for a future job opportunity.