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HelixTalk Episode #54 - So you think you can precept? Advice from the front lines

Date posted: December 27, 2016, 6:00 am

In this episode, we discuss precepting tips and clinical pearls with Dr. Brad Cannon.


Key Concepts

  1. Students who have an intellectual curiosity and desire to learn are two key attributes that excite preceptors.  In addition, students who act as "pharmacist extenders" to help the pharmacist preceptor provide a higher quality of patient care can dramatically improve the quality of a rotation and the learning experience for a student.
  2. Preceptors should consider an "APPE Handbook" to help quickly orient students to the rotation logistics, site-specific protocols, details of each project within the rotation, and key tips for accessing important information within the electronic health record.
  3. For students who are struggling, consider weekly evaluations (instead of only a midpoint evaluation), reconsidering expectations of student performance (as long as those expectations are still above the minimum competency), and providing just-in-time feedback at the time that a student's performance is below expectations (rather than waiting for later in the week).