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HelixTalk Episode #133 - Tell Me More: Exploring Covid 19 Vaccine Hesitancy and Solutions!

Date posted: July 13, 2021, 6:00 am

In this episode, we will explore depths of COVID 19 vaccine hesitancy - what it is, how to identify and address it, and some helpful resources.


Key Concepts

  1. When a patient seems hesitant to consider the COVID-19 vaccine, explore their hesitations further with a simple “why” or “tell more more” question.
  2. Understand the root of hesitancy and provide personalized responses using motivational interviewing.  Key concepts of motivational interviewing include asking open-ending questions, asking the patient to share their concerns, reflective listening, acknowledging without judgement, and asking for permission to share information.
  3. The goal of a vaccine hesitancy conversation is not necessarily to have the patient receive the vaccine today; the goal is to move the patient one step closer to validated facts (combating misinformation) and consideration of receiving the vaccine.