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HelixTalk Episode #110 - Top 10 Updated Recommendations from the ADA Standards of Care 2020

Date posted: March 17, 2020, 6:00 am

In this episode, we summarize some of the most significant changes in the newest version of American Diabetes Association - 2020 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes guidelines.


Key Concepts

  1. When initiating therapy for diabetes, early consideration of combination drug therapy (rather than adding medications in a step-wise fashion) can help to reduce treatment failure and provide greater, more durable benefits.
  2. Unless cost is a major barrier, insulin analogs (such as lispro or aspart) are preferred over other human insulins (such as insulin regular and insulin NPH).
  3. In patients with risk factors for ASCVD or with a history of an ASCVD event, heart failure, or chronic kidney disease, current guidelines recommend the use of a GLP-1RA (such as liraglutide) or an SGLT2 inhibitor (such as empagliflozin) regardless of A1C status.
  4. Among pediatric patients aged > 10 years with type II diabetes, liraglutide is now recommended as the next add-on therapy after metformin.


  • ADA Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes - 2020. Diabetes Care. 2020;43(supplement 1):S1-S212.