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Course Description

Designed to Prepare

The Population Health Strategies Certificate will prepare you to perform community health assessments, analyzing health system and population data, crafting policy and funding for population health initiatives, and championing quality and safety initiatives.

Program Completion

Students must complete four online courses within 2 years from the date of enrollment.

Certificate courses

  • HPOP 540 Essentials of Population Health – This course is designed as an overview of the essentials of population health practices to address the prioritized healthcare needs of populations with a goal of making recommendations to improve access to care, improve quality of care and reduce cost of care. (3 quarter hours)
  • HPOP 541 Community Health Assessment – This course addresses community health topics in order to provide the skills required to delineate health status and design appropriate interventions and ongoing evaluation strategies for improved health of a defined community. The student will use evidence to identify health-related needs, collect appropriate data to support those defined needs, determine health disparities and identify resources to meet a set of priorities. (3 quarter hours)
  • HHCM 516 Risk and Quality Management in Healthcare – This course will explore the risk and quality management processes in depth. The student will be introduced to risk management strategies that reduce the likelihood of harm to people and financial loss in addition to quality management activities to assure that standards are met and to optimize the quality of healthcare. As these functions are interwoven throughout the organization (e.g., information management, medical staff issues, insurance, claims administration, etc.), the concept of risk and quality management as “everyone’s responsibility” will be emphasized. (3 quarter hours)
  • HHCM 509 Statistics for Health Administrators – This course will provide basic principles of general statistical analysis, presentation and application of data, as well as health information statistics specific to healthcare facilities and the analysis, presentation, reporting and application of this data. (4 quarter hours)