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"Red Painted Nails"

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Artwork by Kayla Quebral, CMS ’23

An anatomical drawing showing the outer and inner workings of a human hand, with the fingernails painted red

Artist’s Statement: 

During my first experience working with a cadaver, I noticed that this individual had had her nails painted red. This made me wonder what this person was like when she was once alive. What were her likes and dislikes? Was red her favorite color? What kind of personality did she have? It is interesting to know that beneath all of our unique personalities, tastes and opinions, we all can relate in some sense in that our bodies are anatomically built similarly to one another. 

This art piece is dedicated to this individual who helped me learn more about the anatomy of the body as well as learn a little bit about her personality and her contributions to the world through her red-painted nails.

Mixed media on paper.