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Records/Document Requests

We are happy to announce that Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science has now partnered with the National Student Clearinghouse for the ordering of all student transcripts and other academic record related documents, and that electronic delivery can also now be requested on all documents.

Please place your order for transcripts and other academic record related documents via the National Student Clearinghouse request portal found by going through the instructions here:

Please read the common questions below for important information on how to place an order for documents via the National Student Clearinghouse.

Common Questions

What document types can I order via the National Student Clearinghouse?

You should use the National Student Clearinghouse request system to place any order for any document you need from the Registrar’s Office.

Please note: every order will include a copy of your official transcript for no additional charge, as that is ultimately the official record of your academic progress, and is the primary supporting documentation for all other records or documents which may extract information from the transcript.

In addition to the transcript, the Clearinghouse allows attachments to be included. So, for example, if you have a Form you need filled out (for licensure, scholarships, enrollment verification, etc.), you may upload that to the request portal as an attachment, and the Registrar’s Office will complete the form you upload, and the completed form will be sent with your order. If there is a cover sheet that must be included with your transcript, you can attach that as well.

Please be sure that, if you are uploading a form for us to complete, any section that is to be completed by the Applicant before submitting to the school must be completed by you first before uploading. If you upload an entirely blank copy of the form, your order may be delayed as we will need to contact you for a copy with your portion filled out.

We can also add additional attachments on our end, so if you need any other document from your record (an enrollment verification letter, a certified diploma copy, a copy of your MSPE, etc.), please specify this in the Additional Instructions field on the order portal, and we will be sure to include those in your order as well.

What delivery methods are available? Can documents be sent electronically? Can they be sent hard-copy?

Yes and yes. The Clearinghouse allows for both secure encrypted delivery of documents to email addresses, and they also have a secure print service that can print and mail your transcript as provided by the school, as well as any completed attachments that the school approves or uploads. Additionally, for the hard-copy orders, there is an express shipping option.

If you select the electronic delivery option, please be sure that your recipient is able and willing to accept electronic document delivery. Some recipients only want hard-copy (paper) documents, so please be sure to select a delivery method approved by your recipient.

Please note that some State Licensure Boards may be willing to accept some (less secure) varieties of electronic delivery, but specifically refuse to accept the encrypted download from the Clearinghouse (even though that is actually more secure and verified); in these cases you should order a hard-copy mailed or via express delivery, as we have no secure electronic delivery method other than through the Clearinghouse's encrypted download; we will not simply email documents as unsecured attachments.

Is there a difference between official and unofficial transcripts?

Rosalind Franklin University makes no distinction between official and unofficial transcripts. All documents released by our office are official. 

Please note that all transcripts sent by the Clearinghouse, both electronic and hard-copy, include the seal of the university and the registrar’s signature as is required by many recipients. 

Please note that the transcript is the unabridged record of all credits earned or attempted at the university; there are not separate transcripts for separate programs, and nothing can be excluded from the transcript, nor can additional personal information be added to the transcript. 

If you have graduated in any program, the transcript will contain verification of your degree being earned, so no additional documents should be needed to verify this beyond the transcript itself. GPA is included on transcripts by special request only. 

When should I expect my order to be fulfilled?

You can check the status of your order via the Clearinghouse, who will also send out confirmation emails when your order is processed and sent out. Please note that fulfillment is not instantaneous, as the university must upload all requested documents, complete any attachments, and approve their release. Please allow several business days for this to be completed, even in the case of electronic delivery or express shipping.

Is there a charge for ordering documents?

Yes, the Clearinghouse charges a fee for processing, for the transcripts based on quantity, and for the delivery method. Electronic delivery is the least expensive method.