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Training and Educational Programs

Training and educational programs are developed to meet the needs of the Rosalind Franklin University community and to foster a campus environment where everyone feels valued, validated, and respected, regardless: of ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, mental or physical ability, sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. Examples of diversity training and educational programs include:

  • Community Conversations set the stage for open and candid dialogue on issues and events that affect the RFU community and the nation at large.
  • Guest speakers such as Dr. Derald W Sue author and expert on Micoaggressions and Dr. Michelle Johnson-Jennings psychologist, research scientist and expert on cultural differences in healthcare beliefs.  
  • Getting Off Automatic is a university-wide diversity training that addresses stereotypes, provides tools for self-assessment, and lays the foundation for more in-depth trainings such as Culture and Identity Development and the Invisible Knapsack. 
  • Common Read series that featured the book “Witnessing Whiteness” and the White Paper “Recommendations for Enhancing the Climate for LGBT Students and Employees in Health Professional Schools.”

For more information on training and educational programs contact Dr. Monica L. Cummings at