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OUTList Allies

Marall Abbaszadeh Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine, 2021
Lecia Apantaku CMS graduate 1981, Faculty appointment 1984
Kelsey Barth College of Health Professionals, 2019
Martha Kelly Bates RFUMS Office of Alumni Relations
Eric Bechelli Administrative Coordinator of Student Housing
Christina Belmonte Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Maggie Bieritz Digital Communications Specialist
Kelli Bjornrud Physician Assistant, 2015
Kimberly Blankshain Chicago Medical School, 2017
Shazad Buksh Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine, 2017
Victoria Chirman Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine, 2017
Jeffrey Damaschke Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy
Ria Datta Chicago Medical School, 2021
Kristopher Decker College of Health Professionals, 2015
Laura Devaney Administrative Assistant, DePaul School of Nursing
Karen DiMario Chicago Medical School, 1995
Rebecca Durkin Administration
Erica Physician Assistant, 2019
Sarah Garber COP Pharmacy Science, Associate Dean & Professor
Shannon Gerberding Chicago Medical School, 2018
Amelia Glazier Chicago Medical School, 2018
Myrna Gongora Sr. Administrative Assistant-Office of the EVP Finance & Administration
Rachel Greenley College of Health Professions, 2009
Aubrey Griffiths Physician Assistant, 2019
Joseph Michael Guerrero Chicago Medical School, 2018
Joelle Harwin Chicago Medical School, 2017
Denise Hernandez Assistant Registrar
Landon Herrera Chicago Medical School, 2017
Sarah Hershman Chicago Medical School, 2016
Nathan Hilse DPT, 2017
Jamie Holmes Dillig Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice
Zhi Huang Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine, 2016
Allison Jenness Chicago Medical School, 2018
Rea Katz Director, Office of Faculty Development
Sara Khan Chicago Medical School, 2021
Angela Kovacs DePaul University, 2015
Jessica Kozlowski Physician Assistant, 2016
Mary Launder Standardized Patient Educator
Lisa Lester Chicago Medical School, 2017
Jeffrey Lin Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine, 2017
Michelle Lynch Physician Assistant Program, 2019
Marie Martinez College of Pharmacy, 2018
Liz Mayer Institutional Advancement
Allie Metzler College of Health Professions, 2015
Tyler McCauley College of Health Professions, 2019
Melissa Miller Chicago Medical School, 2018
Steven Miller Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
Jeanette Morrison CMS, Associate Dean for Medical Education and Innovation
Jay Mote Executive Administrative Assistant, Academic & Faculty Affairs
David Mueller Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Keely Neville DePaul University, 2015
Anthony Nguyen Biomedical Sciences, 2015
Sara Nobbe Coordinator of Student Life
Brianna Norris Chicago Medical School, 2021
Crystal Northern
Cilvia Osborne Director, Diversity and Inclusion Programs
Christina Overstreet Instructor, Pathologists' Assistant
Amanda Pabon Director Workforce and Community Outreach
Andrew Parada Chicago Medical School, 2017
Roohie Poonia Chicago Medical School, 2018
Jacki Poulsen Compliance and Risk Management
Danielle Priester Clinical Sciences Department
Maria Ramirez Department of Clinical Science
Ann K Snyder CMS Associate Professor, Department of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology
Courtney Stenerson Coe College 2013
Yen-Nhi Thieu College of Pharmacy, 2017
Scott Thomson Boxer Library
Lori Thuente">
Sally Venus CMS Undergraduate Studies
Roseann Vitale Instructor, Pathologists' Assistant Department
Dr. Julie Waites Licensed Psychologist with Student Counseling Service
Shayna Waldbaum Chicago Medical School, 2021
Eric Walters College of Pharmacy
Qeena Woodard, DPM Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine
Katie Yohe Pathologists' Assistant, 2019
Jamie Yuen College of Health Professions, 2017
Jessica Zarzecki College of Healthy Professions- Physician Assistant, 2016