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Training Information

Rosalind Franklin University’s program for protecting human subjects in research requires that all researchers and research personnel adhere to best practices and have appropriate training before conducting research.  One component of this is an understanding of the regulations that apply to human subject research (HSR).  This can be accomplished by successful completion of the relevant online training modules offered by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI).   All individuals engaging in HSR, including principal investigators, research staff and students must complete the relevant CITI training modules every 3 years.  Applications for research protocols involving human subjects will not be reviewed by the IRB unless PIs provide certificates of successful CITI course completion for all personnel who will be involved in the studies.

Basic Requirements

  • All researchers and personnel listed on new exempt and all non-exempt biomedical and social/behavioral IRB protocol applications are required to have completed the CITI basic course in human subject research.
  • For non-exempt studies, CITI certification must be renewed every 3 years. 
  • Depending on the research, personnel may also be required to complete additional training.  For example, HIPAA training or modules on Good Clinical Practice are also available on CITI if required or desired.

Registration to the CITIProgram

  1. Go to the web-site ( and register by defining a user name and password for yourself.
  2. Link your name to Rosalind Franklin University when prompted to do so. 
  3. Check the enrollment question(s) that are relevant to you (you can skip any that don’t apply).   Of importance is the definition of your “group” – Biomedical or Social/Behavioral/Educational (SBE) research.  If you are using only Biological samples, you will be placed in the Biomedical group. 
  4. Once registered and linked, complete the relevant modules (You may use multiple login sessions to complete your modules – progress will be saved on the CITI site.)
  5. Save and print out the completion report/certificate for your course/s as these are required during protocol application to the IRB.