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DPM/PhD Dual Degree Program

Purpose: The DPM/PhD Dual Degree Program is specially designed for those students who are interested in pursuing a career in research or would like clinical or basic science research to play a significant role in their future practice. Each student participating in this program is required to meet the academic requirements of both Scholl College and the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

The purpose of the dual degree program is to provide the student with highly advanced research training to complement the clinical training provided at Scholl College. Currently, there is a critical shortage of podiatric physicians with formal research training, and this program is focused on filling that void in order to ultimately improve the level of care that podiatric physicians provide. This program is geared toward individuals who are interested in a career in research or academics, in conjunction with podiatric medicine.

Applications: Students who are interested in this program should inquire to CLEAR's director during their first year of education. Students applying for this program must meet all entrance requirements for the PhD program. The student is strongly encouraged to plan for this program well in advance.

Funding: Typically, PhD graduate students are provided a stipend by Scholl College.