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Family of Scholl College Graduates Celebrates Commencement

Three generations of Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine alumni gathered on stage at Rosalind Franklin University’s 104th Commencement on June 1, when graduate Andres Caneva, DPM ’18, was hooded by his father Daryl Caneva, DPM '88, and his grandfather Reno Caneva, DPM '59.

“I feel very fortunate that they can both be here,” said the newest Dr. Caneva. “They’ve been my role models and I’m really glad they were next to me, to witness their son and grandson go on to the next step of his life.”

That next step is three years of residency training at Presence Saint Joseph Hospital, Chicago. The youngest Dr. Caneva, who earned a bachelor’s in biology from Northwestern University, is considering joining his father in private practice.

“There are so many things you can do within podiatric medicine,” Dr. Caneva said. “But right now, I’m focused on residency.”

Dr. Daryl Caneva, who took over the practice founded by Dr. Reno Caneva, with offices in the family’s hometown, Lockport, IL, and Joliet, IL, said he and Andres frequently talk shop.

“We share case histories and ask, ‘What would you do?’” he said. “I’m very proud and honored that three generations of our family can claim the same alma mater. It’s really a testament to the quality of the Scholl College education and its affiliation with Rosalind Franklin University, which really expanded the college’s horizons.”

It’s really a testament to the quality of the Scholl College education and its affiliation with Rosalind Franklin University, which really expanded the college’s horizons.
Daryl Caneva, 'DPM '88

Scholl College joined RFU in 2001. The elder Dr. Caneva attended when it was located in Chicago. It was the Illinois College of Chiropody and Foot Surgery when Dr. Reno Caneva labored to accumulate 1,200 hours of clinical practice in the college’s renowned foot clinic, which he recalls attracted nearly 50,000 patient visits per year. 

“I often saw Dr. Scholl (the college’s legendary founder) there,” Dr. Caneva said. “When we graduated in 1959, we thought we were the first of a new generation of practitioners. But we were the last of the old. The change has been so dramatic.”

Dr. Caneva studied on his own and with colleagues for 16 years to gain hospital surgical privileges. True to the national reputation of Scholl College alumni, he was a leader in the profession, establishing a podiatric residency at hospitals in Ottawa, IL, and Joliet.

The Caneva family can count six generations of keen interest in the lower extremity. Dr. Reno Caneva’s father, who owned a shoe store, urged him to attend Scholl College. His grandfather and great grandfather made and repaired shoes.

Two more family members are taking the arduous path to a podiatric medical degree. Roberto Caneva, Andres’ brother, is a second-year student at Scholl College. Zachary Trent, a first cousin, arrives on campus in the fall.

“The Caneva family represents the past, present and future of the profession,” said Scholl College Dean Nancy L. Parsley, DPM ’93, MHPE. “The ongoing trust placed in Scholl College to educate podiatric physicians from the Caneva family is special and we are honored and privileged to continue to work with this remarkable family!”

Posted June 4, 2018
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