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Title IX

We don't tolerate discrimination and here's what it means with regard to Title IX - for students, staff and faculty.

Our Institution does not discriminate on the basis of sex within educational programs and activities, in accordance with the Title IX requirements
  • Inquiries about the application of Title IX may be referred to our Title IX Coordinator or to the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights at or (800) 421-3481
  • Prohibited sex discrimination covers sexual harassment, including sexual violence

Source: U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, Dear Colleague Letter, Washington, D.C., 4/4/11

Policies & Disciplinary Procedures: Our Promise to You

  • We'll investigate Title IX complaints in a prompt, fair and impartial manner
  • We'll take steps to prevent the recurrence of any harassment and to correct its discriminatory effects on the complainant and others, if appropriate
  • Both parties can present witnesses and other evidence
  • Mediation will not be used to resolve sexual assault complaints
  • The time frame for a grievance investigation will typically take up to 60 days, unless it's particularly complicated
  • Both parties will be notified of the outcome of the complaint