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Martin Lanoff

Lanoff, Martin

Associate Professor

Physical Med & Rehabilitation, Clinical Sciences

Chicago Medical School

Timothy Laurie

Laurie, Timothy

Assistant Professor & Preceptor

Clinical Sciences, Medicine

Chicago Medical School

Carl Lawson

Lawson, Carl

RFUMS Director of Interprofessional Global Health, Assistant Professor, Director of Learning Environment Diversity

Foundational Sciences and Humanities, Humanities & Health Care

Chicago Medical School

Basic Sciences Building, 1.360D
Joseph Levy

Levy, Joseph

Clinical Professor

Clinical Sciences, Radiology

Chicago Medical School

Joanna Lewis

Lewis, Joanna

Assistant Professor

Clinical Sciences, Pediatrics

Chicago Medical School

Terrence Li

Li, Terrence

Associate Professor, Discipline Chair, & Clinical Sciences Education Director (Neurology)

Clinical Sciences, Neurology

Chicago Medical School

Ying Liu

Liu, Ying

Research Professor

Foundational Sciences and Humanities, Microbiology and Immunology

Chicago Medical School

Basic Sciences Building, 2.349
Ana LoDuca

LoDuca, Ana

Associate Professor of Surgery & Director of UiM Academic Success

Clinical Sciences, Surgery, Ophthalmology

Chicago Medical School

Rothstein Warden Centennial Learning Center, 1.065B
Patricia Loomis

Loomis, Patricia

Research Assistant Professor, Director Confocal Microscopy Lab

Biomedical Research, Foundational Sciences and Humanities, Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology

School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, Chicago Medical School

Basic Sciences Building, 2.164
Z. Ted Lorenc

Lorenc, Z. Ted

Associate Professor & Clerkship Site Manager

Clinical Sciences, Medicine

Chicago Medical School

Min Lu

Lu, Min

Associate Professor

Foundational Sciences and Humanities, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Chicago Medical School, School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Innovation and Research Park, 431
Amanda Lund

Lund, Amanda

Assistant Professor, Assistant Education Director (Internal Medicine), Co-Director for Palliative Care, Learning Community Mentor

Clinical Sciences, Medicine

Chicago Medical School