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Student Learning Outcomes

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Upon completion of the 22-month Master’s Degree Program for Pathologists’ Assistants, the graduates will:

  1. Recognize and respect the diversity of patients and fellow health care providers as well as acknowledge one’s responsibilities to patients’ families and the community at large.
  2. Effectively communicate and collaborate with other health care professionals in Interprofessional teams.
  3. Engage in evidence-based practice within the anatomic pathology laboratory while making a conscious, continued effort to improve performance.
  4. Synthesize clinical information from various sources to present comprehensive clinical pathologic correlations.
  5. Communicate complex anatomic pathology information effectively in written, verbal, and photographic forms.
  6. Discern normal structure and function of organs, tissues, and cells from pathologic changes as demonstrated by selecting appropriate techniques for collecting, handling, submitting, and processing specimens.
  7. Embrace and actively participate in a systems approach to reducing error, ensuring safety, and improving quality of care.
  8. Understand the value of information technology and promote its utilization in professional practice.
  9. Provide leadership in the laboratory through an understanding of management techniques and the operations and services provided in the anatomic pathology laboratory to facilitate efficiency and productivity.
  10. Conduct the practice of a Pathologists’ Assistant in a professional manner, and by doing so, act as a steward of the profession for students, colleagues, and the public through education and research into the art and science of the practice of anatomic pathology.