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How to Apply

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Application deadline and $0 application fee extended to Jan. 16, 2023.

To apply with the $0 application fee, you will need a coupon code to enter on the PTCAS payment page. To receive your code, please send your full name and PTCAS ID to (Coupon codes are valid for 2 weeks.)

  1. Review the Application Requirements
    • You should plan to have the majority of your prerequisite coursework and PT experience complete at the time of application.
  2. Submit an Application & Fee
    • Please submit your application through PTCAS.
    • To simplify and facilitate the admissions process, RFU utilizes the Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service.
    • PTCAS applications are available on June 15 with an application submission deadline of January 16 and a materials submission deadline of February 1.
    • Applicants are expected to comply with Admissions Traffic rules as established by the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy. Traffic Rules for Programs / Traffic Rules for Applicants
  3. Submit Official Transcripts
    • Please submit transcripts from all universities and colleges attended to PTCAS.
    • Only official transcripts will be accepted.
    • If you have studied outside the U.S., you will need to have your transcripts evaluated for U.S. equivalency using a services like or
  4. Submit Letters of Recommendation
    • Letters of recommendation must be submitted to PTCAS. Please submit all of the following:
      • A letter from a licensed physical therapist.
      • A letter from a science, math, or liberal arts professor under which the applicant has studied.
      • A letter from a person of the applicant’s choice who has supervised work experience or is otherwise uniquely qualified to comment on potential for professional study.
  5. Submit GRE Test Scores
    • Submit your official GRE scores to GRE code 7675 - "Rosalind Franklin U Phys Therapy".
  6. On-Campus Interview
    • Once we have received all components of your PTCAS application, our admission committee reviews all applications and selects candidates to invite for an on-campus interview.
    • Specific areas of consideration include, but are not limited to: academic performance and scholarly activities, GRE scores, knowledge and understanding of the profession, personal motivation, interpersonal skills, community service activities, evidence of exposure to physical therapy practice and letters of recommendation.
    • Our interviews are structured to assess interpersonal and communication skills, critical thinking and a variety of noncognitive abilities and attributes we believe are important for your success in our program and as a future physical therapist.
    • In addition to the interview, the on-campus session also allows the candidate an opportunity to tour the University’s facilities, to meet Program faculty and to speak with alumni and current students of the program.
  7. Background Check
    • Admitted applicants must pass the Rosalind Franklin University criminal background check.
  8. Technical Standards


For any questions relating to how to apply, contact us.