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Panelist Biographies


Neelum Aggarwal

Neelum Aggarwal, MD '92
Associate Professor, Neurological Sciences and the Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center

Dr. Aggarwal is a cognitive neurologist and Director of Research at the Rush Heart Center for Women (RHCW). She is also founder of the RHCW Cardio-Cognitive Clinic and a Chicago Innovation/MATTER mentor. Dr. Aggarwal has published many peer-reviewed articles on aging, cognitive function, and population health and is the Principal Investigator for multiple clinical trials in aging and Alzheimer's Disease sponsored by the National Institute on Aging and industry. She was appointed Chief Diversity Officer for the American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) and is responsible for enhancing the diversity of AMWA's leadership and designing innovative programs to educate physicians, residents, medical students and allied health professionals.


Dr. Franklin's Legacy

Rosalind Franklin

Rosalind Franklin, RFUMS Board of Trustee
A member of Rosalind Franklin University's Board of Trustees since 2004, Ms. Rosalind Franklin is proud to represent the Franklin family in honor of her aunt and namesake, whose pioneering work in X-ray crystallography led to the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA. Ms. Franklin currently serves on the board's committees for strategic initiatives, institutional advancement and nomination.

She is a certified professional coach and consultant and principal of Rosalind Franklin Group, providing executive coaching for nonprofit and individual clients. She is also senior vice president of client services for Harvest Earnings, a Chicago-based consulting group that helps large companies implement new ideas to reduce costs and increase revenue while improving customer service, efficiency and direction. Ms. Franklin also serves as a consultant for the Taproot Foundation, which provides marketing and strategic planning resources to nonprofit organizations. She is immediate past president of the Jewish Community Relations Council of the San Francisco Bay Area. A musician (harpist), she co-founded The California Symphony, an award-winning nonprofit arts organization.

Ms. Franklin was instrumental in facilitating the creation of the university's Franklin Fellows Program in 2012. Established through a generous gift from Martin and Julie Franklin on behalf of the Franklin family, the Franklin Fellows Program serves to develop a community of students dedicated to interprofessional service, leadership and educational excellence. Each year, 12 RFUMS students are selected for this very competitive fellowship; in addition to receiving scholarship funds, the Franklin Fellows develop and implement community service and education programs that improve the health of populations in need. Ms. Franklin has been an energetic and steadfast champion of this university named for her aunt. In 2016, an honorary degree, Doctor of Humane Letters, was conferred upon Ms. Franklin for her contributions to the university and its students, and her service to the RFUMS Board of Trustees.