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Jenna Kuczek

Jenna Kuczek is a 2nd year Podiatry student from Youngstown, OH. She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from The Ohio State University in 2018. Ms. Kuczek has always loved science and has known she wanted to be a surgeon since age 17 when she had ACL surgery. Ms. Kuczek played Division II collegiate soccer and basketball during her freshman year of college. With her combined love of science and sports, she plans to specialize in surgery and sports medicine.

Ms. Kuczek has had personal experience with sexual assault which has fueled her passion for advocacy and awareness. She organized a sexual assault awareness month full of events with RFU’s Title IX coordinator (Dr. Tamekia Scott) in April 2019, for which she received an award from the Office of Student Life.

Ms. Kuczek is the President of the Spectrum organization at RFU, whose mission is to support LGBTQ+ students and advocate for LGBTQ+ patients’ healthcare. Her goal is to advocate for LGBTQ+ patients and to help the efforts to end sexual assault. She gains inspiration from Nicole Braddock Bromley, an author, and activist, whom she had come speak at RFU in April 2019. Ms. Kuczek plans to continue working to combat and bring awareness of sexual assault throughout her career.