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Centennial Series - Olga Anczuków-Camarda, PhD

Hosted by: Dr. Michelle Hastings, Director of the Center for Genetic Diseases

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Dr. Olga Anczuków-Camarda
The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine
Assistant Professor

Alternative RNA Splicing Defects in Cancer: Molecular and Therapeutic Insights From Model Systems

March 24, 2021
3:00 p.m. Central Time


Olga Anczuków-Camarda, PhD  is an Assistant Professor at The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, in Farmington, CT, USA. She completed her PhD at University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 in France, and her postdoctoral training at Cold Spring Harbor laboratory, NY, USA. Her interest in RNA splicing started in 2004 when, in studies that contributed to improving the molecular diagnosis and classification of hereditary breast cancers, she characterized the effect of mutations in breast-cancer-predisposing genes on RNA splicing and stability. In addition, she demonstrated that RNA-based therapeutics can correct aberrant splicing defects caused by a BRCA2 mutation in hereditary breast cancer. She then uncovered frequent alterations in splicing regulators in non-hereditary breast tumors and demonstrated that they contribute to breast cancer initiation. Using RNA sequencing and 3D organoid models of breast cancer, she identified and validated novel targets of oncogenic splicing factors from the SR protein family. Her laboratory uses patient-derived organoids, mouse models, and RNA sequencing to identify splicing alterations that contribute to tumor initiation, metastasis, and drug resistance in breast cancer.