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Community Transmission Levels

We ask that the RFU community monitor the CDC’s Integrated County View for data that will inform mitigation strategies. Our approach will be to institute the following mask-wearing policies to correspond with changing levels of community transmission:

High Community Level

  • Required in all educational spaces.
  • Required in healthcare/clinical settings.
  • Required for RFU shuttle buses.
  • Required for unvaccinated individuals in all RFU spaces.
  • In classroom settings, faculty and presenting speakers may apply their judgment and go maskless to facilitate communication, providing: the faculty member/presenting speaker is fully vaccinated, including a booster; physical distancing from the audience can be maintained; and audience members remain masked.

Medium Community Level

  • Optional in all RFU spaces for fully vaccinated individuals.
  • Required in all RFU spaces for unvaccinated individuals.
  • Required in healthcare/clinical settings.
  • Strongly recommended for individuals at high risk.

Low Community Level

  • Optional in all RFU spaces regardless of vaccination status.
  • Required in healthcare/clinical settings.

Before you Arrive on Campus

Before coming to campus, any student, faculty or staff member must submit documentation demonstrating that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have an approved exemption.

Submit Your Documentation

Report Illness or Exposure

Students and Faculty/Staff should utilize the COVID-19 Illness report if they are experiencing symptoms, a possible exposure, or have a suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). For more information, please refer to common questions.

Student Illness Report Faculty/Staff Illness Report

Ongoing Prevention

  • Testing: Unvaccinated individuals with approved exemptions are no longer required to undergo weekly testing, but must continue to wear masks while on campus.
  • Masking on campus: 
    • The wearing of surgical or N95, KN95 or KF94 masks is strongly encouraged but optional in all RFU spaces for fully vaccinated individuals.
    • Mask wearing is required in all RFU spaces for unvaccinated individuals, and in healthcare/clinical settings such as the Health Clinics and Student Health facilities.
    • Mask wearing is strongly recommended for individuals at high risk.
  • Physical distancing: While individual safety protocols developed for academic spaces will be followed, it will no longer be necessary for individuals to maintain six feet of distance on campus except for the active lecturing situation described above.
  • Screenings for COVID symptoms: All arrivals should note the list of symptoms posted at all entrances and return home if experiencing any symptoms. On-site screening by Campus Safety will only be required for visitors, who must use the main entrance.
  • Enhanced cleaning: Schedules to clean spaces that include lecture halls, the Boxer Library, the DNA Cafe and student housing will follow guidelines established by the CDC. It is anticipated that the library and cafe will be open during cleaning that occurs during regular hours of operation.

Campus Resources

Faculty and staff should contact their primary care provider with questions about their health, including accessing vaccines. Those who have symptoms and have accessed RFU's campus must contact HR or Student Affairs.