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Bruce Jefferson, JD

General Counsel

Bruce Jefferson joined RFU in July 2021. Prior to his arrival, Mr. Jefferson served as general counsel for Thresholds, a Chicago-based provider of recovery services for persons with mental illness and substance use. He was named one of Crain’s Notable General Counsels in 2019, and the publication praised his work with state and federal housing authorities to assist Thresholds in providing affordable housing units for people with disabilities.

Mr. Jefferson’s career also included serving on the Indiana Civil Rights Commission from 1997 to 2005, including six years as deputy director. His duties in that role included supervising investigations into charges of civil rights violations regarding employment, education, public accommodations and housing.

A Palatine resident, Mr. Jefferson earned a BA from Indiana University in psychology and a JD from the DePaul University College of Law. He has served on the Palatine Public Library District’s Board of Trustees since being appointed to the position in 2011.