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issue Summer 2022

Visualize Health Equity

“Visualize Health Equity: A Community Art Project,” a traveling exhibit produced by the nonprofit National Academy of Medicine, was displayed in RFU’s Scholl Gallery, April 4–28. The academy calls on artists to illustrate what health equity looks, sounds and feels like to them. RFU students, faculty and staff submitted creative works illustrating their vision.

Visualizing Health Equity: Patients, Colleagues, Professionals
Thad Anzur, MHPE

“My vision of health equity provides superior health care to patients that embraces their individual attributes and perspectives, cultural mores and spiritual beliefs. It also encompasses accessible, quality education and training for all individuals who wish to contribute their unique talents to the healthcare industry.”

Visualizing Health Equity: Patients, Colleagues, Professionals

Kayla Quebral, CMS Class of 2023

“In my upbringing as a young Filipina-American girl, I had opportunities to be exposed to an immense number of healthcare professionals who served the Filipino people through medical missions and education. This promoted my understanding of health equity in recognizing the importance of addressing the overwhelming disparities that exist in the communities derived from my family tree. Now, as a fellow healthcare professional, my passion is to continue to carry the responsibilities of achieving health equity — all while being able to connect with my culture, my roots and my people.”

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