issue Fall 2020

Highlights From the 5th Annual Women in Science and Healthcare Symposium

Herstory Under the Microscope: Celebrating Rosalind Franklin’s 100-Year Legacy

The 2020 WiSH Symposium, held virtually due to ongoing safety concerns related to COVID-19, dove deep into the accomplished life of Dr. Rosalind Franklin on the 100th anniversary of her birth.

The event was kicked off by RFU president Dr. Wendy Rheault and Rosalind S. Franklin, Dr. Franklin’s niece and namesake. It featured a keynote address from Robin E. Jensen, PhD, professor of communication at The University of Utah, who recently published an article in the Quarterly Journal of Speech on how Dr. Franklin’s characterization in the journal Nature during the 1950s characterized her as being outside of the scientific elite.

This in-depth exploration of Rosalind Franklin’s life served as a catalyst for further discussions at the WiSH Symposium on what lessons women today can take from her experiences and apply in their own scientific and healthcare careers. While they’ve advanced dramatically in STEM and medical professions since her time, much work remains to be done.