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Internal Funding Opportunities

Overview of Internal Faculty Bridge Grant Funding Program

Application material for Bridging Grant Proposals (NIH Competitive Renewals or equivalent)

(Submit material requested below as a single PDF)

(Applications due in the Office of Research by October 1, February 1, or June 1; if the date falls on a weekend, the following Monday will be the due date)

  1. Cover letter addressed to the Executive Vice President for Research indicating that this is a bridging grant application. A copy of the grant abstract or summary.
  2. Copy of the critique sheet from the study section with scores and percentiles.
  3. (Critique forms must have been received within the previous 12 month period)
  4. A descriptive summary that addresses each point of concern raised by the reviewers (comments from each reviewer should be addressed separately). This section indicates how the PI will address the issues raised by the reviewers.
  5. A copy of a current NIH Bio-sketch or CV that shows your publication record and a history of funding for at least the past 5 years.
  6. Current research funds available to you during this Bridging Grant Period (no cost extensions, discretionary accounts, etc.)
  7. A detailed budget of up to $50,000 to cover personnel and supply expenses.
  8. If a graduate student is supported by the laboratory, a request for funds to support the stipend of that student should be listed separately from the $50,000 bridging funds.

(Percentiles and scientific merit will be critical factors considered in the review process)