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Marc Glucksman

Marc Glucksman, PhD

Director, Center for Proteomics and Molecular Therapeutics


  • Marc Glucksman – Center Director
    • The structural neurobiology of processing enzymes.
    • Use of a proteomics-based approach to identify Alzheimer’s disease-specific biomarkers.
    • Enzymes and neuropeptide substrates of several reactions involved in the normal and disease states of neurobiological, aging and reproductive processes
    • Proteomic approaches are utilized in projects to identify markers and assess structure-function relationships for diagnostics, risk factors and targets for treatment of Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia and endocrine cancers (e.g. prostate)
  • Jun-yong Choe
    • Determination of the 3-dimensional structure of a glucose transporter facilitating identification of high-affinity inhibitors and activators that may aid in the pharmacologic amelioration of the complications associated with advanced diabetes.
    • The structure and functional mechanism of glucose transporters
  • Carl Correll
    • Identify and investigate the function of proteins that are essential for ribosome biogenesis - a vital cellular process that is emerging as an unexplored target for cancer treatment.
  • Lisa Ebihara
    • The biophysical and pharmacological properties of gap junctional channels in the lens of the eye and other tissues.
  • Adrian Gross
    • The structure and functional mechanism of potassium channels.
  • Ronald Kaplan
    • Discovery of high-affinity inhibitors and determination of the three-dimensional structure of the INDY (I'm Not Dead Yet) transporter, a carrier which may play a role in obesity, a major risk factor for adult-onset diabetes.
    • The structure and functional mechanism of the mitochondrial and plasma membrane citrate transporters
  • Donghee Kim
    • The role of ion channels in the modulation of cell excitability at rest and in response to various stimuli.
  • Min Lu
    • The structure and functional mechanism of the Multidrug and Toxin Extrusion transporter.
  • Kyoung Joon Oh
    • The structure and functional mechanism of key proteins of apoptosis.
  • Darryl Peterson
    • Functional properties of the blood-brain barrier, and prevention of injury to the blood-brain barrier associated with ischemic stroke
    • Renal pathophysiology, and treatment and prevention of renal fibrosis associated with diabetic nephropathy
  • Henry Sackin
    • The structure and functional mechanism of potassium channels.