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It's Not Plagiarism if You Have Permission

Re-purposing Content to Tell the Whole Story

At Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, we like our wheels ... but we don't like to reinvent them. We have our silos like every institution, but we're working hard to break them down.

So the silos are getting smaller, and our jobs ... well, they might not be getting easier, but they're becoming more fun because of the relationships we make in our attempts to share information. Here's how it works for one campus-wide event: our annual commencement ceremony.

1: Collecting Information

In this step, we begin where we left off the previous year. We revisit anything we identified as an area for improvement and plan accordingly, and then dive in to collecting the materials and information to kick off another commencement season.

2: Designing and Writing/Print

Graphic designers work on look and feel for invitations and program booklets, while print writer provides text content. Photography is selected for use throughout commencement season.

3: Planning social

Now that some of the main print writing and design has been drafted, the social media team begins drafting posts in anticipation of commencement. They also set up a Snapchat geofilter for the day of the event, and begin promoting it on other social channels.

4: Scheduling social

Working as far ahead as we can, we schedule social media posts across all platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) promoting commencement and reminding our audience that we will be streaming the event live from the arena.

5: Drafting news releases

Print writer drafts news releases sharing a story about a notable graduate, and (when applicable) our commencement speaker. Space is left open for adding quotes and color from the event, and draft is shared with social and digital teams.

6: Setting up live stream

The digital team connects with staff at the arena to coordinate for live stream of commencement. Team then shares the link to writers and social team for sharing on the web and social media.

7: Posting final social messages

Social team pulls from news releases and live stream information in a final promotional push to celebrate commencement in person or online.

8: We are LIVE!

Social team covers commencement live, sharing photos and quotes on all channels. Digital team keeps the live stream rolling while a writer back in the office watches online to fill in news releases with quotes. Photographer spends the morning capturing images to share, which entire team will use to promote the following year's commencement events.

9: Print writer shares final news releases

Once the news releases are final, they are shared with local news media. Generally, they are picked up by a few sources.

10: Providing "post-game" coverage

Social and digital teams work together with photographer and print writer to share commencement events across their channels. Photo albums are shared via Facebook and Instagram, a few quotes via Twitter, and the archived live stream is shared on all channels.

11: Debrief, archive and celebrate

This is a step that's tempting to skip, but we think it's one of the most important. Here is where we get a chance to catch our breath and identify what we wish we'd done or had or tried, and we make a note of it for consideration in the next year. It's also an opportunity to thank every member of our cross-functional team for putting in the effort to help our graduates know how proud the entire RFU community is of them.

12: Preparing for next year

Before we file everything away, we make sure everything is in order so it's easy to find when it's time to begin planning for the next year. Which rolls around so much sooner than you'd think!