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High School to Nursing Pathway

High School to Nursing Pathway

We're engaging with the Lake County community to nurture underserved students' interest in nursing and provide a clear educational pathway from high school to a meaningful career.

The NEW Pathway program creates opportunities for students to explore careers in the nursing profession, takes the guess work out of career selection, and develops a student’s confidence to succeed in higher education – all while they are in high school.

The NEW Pathway starts during high school and provides a unique and longitudinal educational experience that levels the playing field. Programming includes:

  • Holistic mentorship
  • STEM career readiness
  • Nursing assistant training
  • Employment and work-study opportunities
  • Professional development
  • Family Engagement

Support continues throughout students' undergraduate and graduate studies until they enter the workforce as registered nurses (RN).

Our end goal is to promote prosperity, educational attainment, and the long-term health of our communities.

We are building this nursing education-to-workforce pathway for underserved youth in northern Lake County interested in nursing. We will give those students an educational journey that is a great fit.

Dr. Sandra Larson Founding Dean of the College of Nursing