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Submit an Experience to the Creative Arts Collection

Submit a innovative, artistic composition that describes a clinical experience that has personal and profound impact. Work will be judged based on quality, creativity, applicability to the medical profession and human experience. The medium, style, and content is open to encourage critical creative reflection. Finalists will selected by a committee of of first year PA students with faculty consultation.

  • The content of submissions must be suitable for colleagues, patients and the general public, without disclosing patient identities and avoiding sharing of sensitive information.
  • Writing must be safe for colleagues, patients and friends. Maximum 2000 word limit.
  • Images of visual arts must be submitted in JPEG format. Maximum 15 MB size.
  • Video must be submitted in .AVI or .MOV format, music in MPEG. 
  • Submission deadline will be announced during the Fall Quarter of each academic year. For questions, please contact