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Certificate Courses

Health Administration Certificate

  • Evidence Based Management in Healthcare
  • Organizational Behavior and Human Resources in Healthcare
  • Current Topics in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Policy and Delivery Systems
  • Strategic Planning and Leadership in Healthcare

Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals Certificate

  • Modern Nutrition
  • Nutrition in the Lifecycle
  • Complementary Medicine and Dietary Supplements
  • Nutrition in Human Physical Performance

Population Health Strategies Certificate

  • Community Health Assessment
  • Essentials of Population Health
  • Risk and Quality Management in Healthcare
  • Statistics for Healthcare Professionals

Health Professions Education Certificate

  • Learning Theories
  • Course Development
  • Classroom Assessment
  • Instructional Presentation

* Note: Curricular changes may occur at the discretion of the PHS department from one academic year to the next, which could include additions, deletions or modifications of required core basic science courses and/or certificate tracks or courses. The above curriculum reflects the academic year 2017-2018 curriculum.