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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the MDGH 801 elective for more than four weeks?

The MDGH 801 elective can be taken for one, two, three, or four weeks. These weeks do not need to be completed consecutively. Under some circumstances, with the approval of the curriculum dean, it may be possible to complete five weeks.

Are community health electives intramural?


Can these electives be completed at clinics other than the Interprofessional Community Clinic?

Yes. Community health electives can be completed at any low-resource clinical setting in the United States. The best examples would be clinics that are Federally Qualified Health Centers. Sites that are not affiliated with Rosalind Franklin University must be approved by the course director.

Is it necessary to complete all clinical hours within the dates registered?

No. Clinical hours must be certified by the physician attestation form, but they can be completed any time during the M4 year. With the approval of the curriculum dean, these hours may be completed during the M3 year.

Is there a way to complete requirements other than clinical hours?

Yes. 25 clinical hours are required for each week of elective credit. Up to 20 percent of credit can be received through doing a project. Projects could include an interprofessional case write-up from the Interprofessional Community Clinic or a low-literacy patient information PowerPoint presentation. Projects must be approved by the course director.