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Student Testimonials

Student evaluation comments given at the conclusion of a radiology elective:

  • "I learned a significant amount of information that I will use for the rest of my career. The radiologists are excited about their jobs and that enthusiasm rubbed off on the students."
  • "The lectures and physician meetings are fantastic and cordial."
  • "This rotation was helpful because there is dedicated teaching time where we can go through images one by one with the attendings. These lectures make the learning process much more efficient."
  • "They gave us great information that will be very helpful in the future when it comes to making primary interpretations of films. They seemed very eager to teach and enjoyed interacting with their students. I enjoyed the dual dynamic of having both attending lecture hours and self study."
  • "This is a very solid course with a lot of variety and a lot of information to offer. The lectures were well planned, there was integration with the clinical radiologists at the VA, and the film library allowed students to learn how to read x-rays at our own pace. This was one of my favorite rotations in medical school!"
  • "I enjoyed working with a variety of radiologists. This allowed me to see different specialties of each attending and provides me opportunities to see procedures that radiologists perform besides just reading films in a room."
  • "The instructors were very friendly and willing to teach. They answered questions and taught when they would see learning points. They would go out of their way to teach me about radiology related to my field of interest."
  • "I had the best teacher throughout my 3rd and 4th year clerkships in this rotation. Anything I found that was significant on films was explained, and was encouraged to search for correlating disease entities online and in medical books."
  • "The attendings have done a great job tailoring the content towards my particular interests. They have also been very supportive of my professional goals and have done a fantastic job in teaching. Overall, an outstanding experience."
  • "Great teaching and discussions on indications for procedures, instructions for procedures, followup care including PICC line, permacaths, ports, thrombolysis, drains and biopsies."
  • "I enjoyed that there were many different topics covered. It allowed me to evaluate for a career choice."