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David Mueller on his recent publication in Science entitled “High-resolution cryo-EM analysis of the yeast ATP synthase in a lipid membrane” along with collaborators enlisted at Harvard Medical School utilizing their cryo-Electron Microscopy technology and expertise. The current work now depicts the full complex, including both F1 and Fo.  This is a testimony to tenacity decades in the making.

In Memoriam:

Former Chair: Ken E. Neet  (1936-2017)

We mourn the passing of Ken, our former Chair and colleague who came to Chicago Medical School and chaired the department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from 1990 to 2005. At Rosalind Franklin (formerly the Finch University of Health Sciences), he was recognized for initiating a program with an academic focus on protein structure. Ken’s talent for recruiting faculty with expertise in cutting-edge technologies ushered in a new era. He encouraged use of X-ray diffraction, enrolling the university in subscriptions to the then-new beamlines at Argonne National Laboratory and establishing proteomics and a panoply of spectroscopy within the department. His own research included extramural funding spanning from 1969 to 2009. Ken received his Bachelor’s and Masters from University of Florida and, after a research stint in the United States Navy, received his doctorate at Florida.  Ken completed a postdoctorate at Berkeley with Dan Koshland and joined the faculty at Case Western Reserve University, where he rose to full professor prior to his arrival in North Chicago.  He is survived by his wife Jane, and four children, Kerrie, Kellie, Kirk and Kyle.

For more information, please see Ken's obituary published in ASBMB Today.

Former Chair:  Leo Saidel (1916-2017)

Dr. Saidel was a member and former Chair of the Department of Biochemistry (prior to the addition of Molecular Biology) at Chicago Medical School for over thirty years doing both research and teaching, both of which he excelled at. His research was cutting-edge protein chemistry that yielded publications in Science, Nature, Journal of Cell Biology, Journal of Clinical Investigation and Journal of Biological Chemistry to name a few.  He is survived by his children Matthew (MD, CMS 1977), Lou-Ellen and Tobi.  Dr. Saidel graduated from University of Chicago, getting his PhD from Georgetown and then postdoctoral work at Columbia University, where he met his wife Helen.