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For Students

What role do students play in the LCME review process?

Students have three primary roles in the LCME review process.  

  1. Each year, graduates of the MD program at Chicago Medical School fill out the AAMC Graduation Questionnaire (GQ).  This survey provides important feedback to improve medical education and student support services at the school.  Such feedback is used year-round by the Standards Based Continuous Quality Leadership (SBCQL) council in order to evaluate compliance with LCME Standards, and during the LCME review process the feedback is used to create the program’s self-study.
  2. Students conduct an Independent Student Analysis (ISA) of the program approximately 18 months prior to the LCME site visit, which includes survey creation, distribution, and analysis of results.  As with GQ feedback, the ISA plays a large role in the program’s self-study creation, especially since the feedback is being gathered from all class years rather than just the graduating class.  A high response rate to the survey is extremely important to the success of the ISA.  Further information on the ISA, including required content and logistical considerations, can be found in “The Role of Students in the Accreditation of U.S. Medical Education Programs”, published on the LCME website.  
  3. Selected students from all class years will meet with the LCME site visitors when they visit Chicago Medical School in April 2020.  These meetings typically take place over lunch and provide the site visit teams the opportunity to explore any issues of concern found in the GQ or ISA.  Students may also guide the survey team on tours around areas of the campus, such as classrooms, laboratories, library spaces, and relaxation/study spaces.

Where can I get more information about accreditation?

For more information about the role that students play in LCME accreditation, please refer to “The Role of Students in the Accreditation of U.S. Medical Education Programs”, published on the LCME website.  For questions about the LCME’s review of the MD program at Chicago Medical School, contact Edward Rotchford, CMS Director of Accreditation, at