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As a leader in interprofessionalism, Rosalind Franklin University’s goal is to disseminate research that will transform the national healthcare system. The Institute will broaden the definition of “interprofessional” beyond traditional healthcare and bring together a cross-section of industries and businesses that interface with the healthcare professions. The Institute will use theses voices to communicate to learning institutions the skills employers are looking for, as well as to help industries and employers adjust their hiring and business practices to focus on the competencies and skills that align with occupational roles.

Institute research priorities are developed annually by consensus of nationally-recognized industry experts. The priorities are used to provide strategic guidance on both internal and external research initiatives supported by the Institute.

As the healthcare industry and professions evolve, practitioners, administrators, researchers, policymakers and other healthcare stakeholders (such as employers, health plans, retail health clinics and other new entrants) will require new, actionable approaches with measurable outcomes. These outcomes inform the profession, research, policy and practice.

The Institute’s goals for research include:

  • Translating evidence-based healthcare workforce research into actionable policy and practice
  • Informing and advancing the healthcare professions
  • Establishing strategic alliances that will advance innovative and effective policy and research
  • Serving as a national and international resource for Workforce research and activities
  • Disseminating research findings through peer-reviewed healthcare publications and Institute Journal

Research conducted within the Institute compliments the Rosalind Franklin University's commitment to rigorous inquiry, discovery, and the advancement of knowledge.