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Journal Issues

Welcome to the premier issue of the Journal of Interprofessional Workforce Research and Development! We are excited to create the first of its kind peer reviewed international workforce Journal crossing all industry sectors. The Journal aims to share needed insight into challenges and emerging needs in workforce and further enable dissemination of evidence-based research and workforce thought leadership.

The sharing of research on workforce strengthening initiatives across market sectors is critical as the workforce landscape continues to shift based on changes in technology, policy, and regulatory practices. Individual knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for occupational roles must continue to evolve, placing workers in a positive position for career stability and advancement.

The Journal provides a means to engage professionals across all industry sectors. This premier issue contains workforce strengthening research and commentaries focusing on strategies for developing and evaluating competency-based precision skill pathways, the importance of standardization and transparency in the credentialing process, a new model to address the Skill Economy and pathway strengthening, as well as a new vision for the future of workplace learning. We are excited to have the opportunity to disseminate these thought leadership pieces, which provide a foundation for understanding the future of workforce initiatives and implications for needed research and educational programming.

We welcome the submission of manuscripts for future issues of the Journal, and invite you to explore the Guidance for Authors section of the Journal website for additional details.

We are looking forward to sharing great things in 2018 and beyond!