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Five colleges, one U.

Rosalind Franklin University is home to five colleges, each dedicated to elevating the future of healthcare through Interprofessional teaching, learning, and practice. All programs are at the graduate level, so you’ll be surrounded by classmates who are working toward similar goals. No matter where you are or what your aspirations may be, there’s a place for you at RFU. 

Discover medicine.
Since 1912, Chicago Medical School has focused on educating future doctors to become outstanding health professionals. Our team-based approach provides exceptional clinical programs and community service, resulting in thousands of graduates serving all areas of medicine today.

  • Enrollment for 2017-2018: 766
  • Class size (2016 entering class): 191
  • Number of applications (2016 entering class): 12,094

Discover pharmacy.
Providing an interprofessional education leading to a PharmD degree, we prepare students to offer patient-centered care as part of a healthcare team.

  • Enrollment for 2017-2018: 271
  • Class size (2016 entering class): 68
  • Number of applications (2016 entering class): 690

Discover podiatry.
If you go to a podiatrist, there is a good chance you’re seeing a graduate of the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine. Roughly one third of all practicing podiatrists today are graduates of our program. Our interprofessional program focuses on patient care and research.

  • Enrollment for 2017-2018: 343
  • Class size (2016 entering class): 89
  • Number of applications (2016 entering class): 481

Discover research.
The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies trains students and postdoctoral fellows in the biomedical sciences. Current research programs cover such diverse areas as structural biology of proteins at the atomic level and mechanic analysis of neural networks brain level function. The doctoral research degree can be combined with clinical degrees (MD/PhD or DPM/PhD) for students interested in work as physician-scientists.

  • Enrollment for 2017-2018: 29
  • Class size (2016 entering class): 3
  • Number of applications (2015 entering class): 34

Discover nurse anesthesia, physical therapy, physician assistant, pathologist’s assistant, and so much more.
With an array of online and on-campus programs, the College of Health Professions educates students in areas such as nutrition, nurse anesthesia, physical therapy, physician assistant or pathologist’s assistant. In addition, our Biomedical Sciences MS prepares students to continue their graduate education in a variety of healthcare professions.

  • Enrollment for 2017-2018: 736

After Graduation

We like to say that after you’ve graduated and established your career, you’re still part of the RFU family. More than 18,000 Rosalind Franklin University alumni have taken what they learned here into careers in almost every state in the nation, and to the world as well. We’re proud of our students and alumni, and we’re grateful for their dedication to the future of healthcare and research.