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Common Questions

How long is the Pre-matriculation Program (PMP)?
The program is two academic quarters, or approximately five (5) months of study (August through December). Additional coursework may be recommended.

If I do well in the Pre-matriculation Program (PMP), am I automatically admitted into other RFUMS programs, such as one of the medical schools?
PMP students must apply to other RFUMS programs in the same manner as all other applicants. Students who are currently enrolled and are doing well academically in the Pre-matriculation Program will be granted an interview to an RFUMS program, if all application requirements are met. Admission to another school or program at RFUMS is independent of a student’s performance in or completion of the Pre-matriculation Program.

Is there an interview for the Pre-matriculation Program (PMP)?
No, the Admissions Committee selects students based on their academic performance, test scores, extracurricular activities and other application materials.

Will I be taking any courses with other health professions students?
Yes, students participate in courses with other students from a variety of RFUMS programs. PMP students take courses alongside and are graded in the same way as other health professions students. A transcript is available after completion of coursework.

How do I submit a test score?
You should upload your test score to your application as a document or jpeg. If you have questions please contact us!

I’m taking the April MCAT. Is that okay? What about the GRE?
Taking the MCAT or GRE in April should allow sufficient time for the results to be received before the final materials deadline of June 1.

I’ve already applied to another program within RFUMS. Can my application materials be transferred to the Pre-matriculation Program (PMP)?
Unfortunately we cannot transfer application materials. You will have to submit all required materials to RFUCAS. We require three letters of recommendation written by either professors who have taught you in class or a supervisor under whom you have worked. Composite letters from a pre-professional committee may also be submitted. Letters must be submitted to RFUCAS. We encourage letter writers to share their contact information. Letters must include a signature and be on official letterhead. Please contact Interfolio for assistance in using Interfolio to upload your letters of recommendation. The Office of Admissions and Enrollment cannot upload your letters of recommendation for you.

Is financial aid available for the Pre-matriculation Program (PMP)?
Due to the fact that the PMP program is a part-time, non-degree seeking program, federal financial aid is not available. However, the university does not charge tuition for the medical school courses that students take. Students who are accepted into our program are responsible for their cost of living as well as any required and/or necessary course materials.

Is there a minimum test score?
There is no minimum score because candidates are evaluated holistically. Scores range broadly. Students typically obtain a MCAT score 22 or better.

How old can the test result be?
The test must have been taken within the past two years so that if the PMP student applies to another school or academic program, it is current for that program. For example, if a student’s educational goal in entering PMP is to eventually attend medical school, an MCAT score should be no older than Sept 2016 to ensure that the MCAT score may be used to apply to a medical school to begin in fall 2018. However, plans to retake the MCAT or other test may be taken into consideration. Additionally, it is your responsibility to check the application requirements of the program that is your ultimate educational goal.

Is there a minimum GPA or science GPA?
No, there is no minimum GPA; the Admissions Committee conducts a holistic review process.

Can applicants be interested in other health professions, including those not offered by RFUMS?
Yes, the program is designed to strengthen a prospective health profession student’s application in addition to exposing the student to health care coursework. Students should enroll in the program with an interest in pursuing a profession in health care.

Do the essays have a word or character limit?
Essays should be approximately one page in length and should discuss the applicant’s experiences.