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Task Force Members

  • Rebecca Durkin, Chair
  • Alex Papadogiannis, Student, LMSA
  • Andrew Romero, Student, COP and ESC
  • Carl Lawson, Faculty, CMS
  • Hector Rasgado-Flores, Faculty, CMS
  • Jenieke Allen, Staff, Admissions
  • Jennifer Smith, Staff, Student Affairs at SCPM
  • John Buolawini, Faculty, COP
  • Lee Concha, Administration, Communications
  • Matthew Nuciforo, Faculty, Admissions in CHP
  • Moreen Carvan, Administration, RFU Academic Affairs
  • Sally Madden, Administration, Human Resources
  • Victoria Makriss, Student, CHP
  • Telisa Woulard, Student, SNMA
  • Heather Kind-Kepple, Staff, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Sheneita Graham, Staff, Diversity and Inclusion