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Accreditation and Assessment at RFUMS

Accreditation and Assessment at RFUMS


In addition to institutional accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission, RFUMS has nine specialized, program accreditations that signify meeting educational standards of quality in preparing students for careers in the health professions.

Institutional and Program Accreditations


Assessment is a process to determine what students are learning. The assessment results will tell us if students are accomplishing the learning objectives and measurable outcomes. Faculty in the academic programs determine the outcomes, map them in the curriculum, and determine the appropriate assessment methods for evaluation and action for continuous improvement. Examples of course-level assessment may include unit exams, case studies, journals, and poster presentations. Program milestone assessment may include shelf exams administered at the completion of the required coursework in the first and second years of a clinical program. Capstone projects, portfolios, clinical evaluations, and dissertations are examples of assessment near the completion of specific graduate degree programs. Assessments at the course, program, college/school, and university levels are visually outlined in the following documents.

Assessment, Accreditation, & Quality Improvement Diagram (2016)

Assessment Cycle Diagram (2014)