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Curricular Change

Curriculum change occurs due to an internal analysis of curricula and identification of areas for improvement or in response to external pressures such as changes in technology and societal influences.

Minor changes may involve re-arrangement of subject content, learning activities, and the addition of topics or methods in the curriculum.

Major change involves an overhaul of the existing curriculum. It may entail a complete reorganization of the conceptual design of the curriculum, changes in structure, content, methods and approaches.

Curricular Innovation

Innovation at RFUMS is defined as the process of making changes to curriculum, instruction, design and assessment of learning in education, that results in the introduction of something new for healthcare education at RFUMS. Innovation solves a real problem in a new simple accessible way to promote learning and adds value to the RFUMS students and community. These changes can be small, and incremental or large the development and implementation of a new program that leads to an expansion of the RFU academic portfolio.